PC-Dome Switzerland

Frameless, transparent and ready-to-build geodesic dome

Light and sleek design geodesic PC- Dome Switzerland is a result of the creative engineering that opens possibilities to interact with the environment. You remain connected with nature even if there is wind, rain, snow, or a sandstorm. Create your comfortable microclimate inside the Dome.

Sizes, from 3,6 m to 12m diameter

Prices start at 3000 $

We do the installation everywhere in Switzerland & Europe

What is PC-Dome?

Event or trade pavilion

They say there is no bad weather, only bad outwear. Now you have the right outwear for your event. Try to illuminate AURA!

Pop-up cafe

Let customers enjoy the view anytime anywhere!

Garden igloo

Thanks to great acoustics ideal for playing or listening to music. Take yoga, read the book of grab that single malt while having a pleasant chat with a friend – top-notch garden igloo!

Children playground

Kids are outside, but inside! They are safe – you don’t lose them out of sight ever and you can even hear them!

How is made PC- Dome?



The polycarbonate is UV resistant which means furniture and your stuff are safe even on a very sunny day.


Doesn’t brake, withstands high loads of wind, water, sand, and snow. Thanks to the geometry PC- Dome remains stable, robust, and resistant to any environmental conditions.

Tempered glass doors

For firmness and extra safety, we supply tempered glass doors with locks.

Micro ventilation

There are tiny air gaps between plates in the size of a few mm, which makes the dome breathe infinitely. Still, Aura remains water, wind, sand or snow resistant.