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Advertising Balloons and Custom Balloons for Less! 

Need an advertising balloon? Our advertising balloons are inexpensive and very effective.
Artwork by full digital printing and lettering on your advertising balloon will make it work for you. 

Our most popular size advertising balloon is from 2m to 2.5 m but we can make balloon as big as 15-meter diameter!

Our balloons are made out of the best material available. Depending on price and durability we can do 2 ply balloons typical for video crowd balloon, PVC for best price or polyurethane for maximum helium retention.

 light, strong, has the best colour and sheen retentive properties and holds helium better than any comparable product.
Get the best advertising balloon for your company


You can count on our teams to assemble and install your balloons

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Ball 2 meters in diameter 4 logos 399 US$

Ballon 2.3 meters full digital print 1299 US$ 

Balloon 2 meters without print 159 US$