​Small Branded Inflatables 

If you are looking for inflatable product replicas, we supply small sealed air inflatables in almost any shape you can imagine. Prices start at 10 $ /pce for min order of 100 pcs 

We work with clients who want to create an inflatable product replica for a Point of Sale (POS) promotion. You can buy anything from a sealed air inflatable crisp packet or a drinks can, to an inflatable character. These inflatables can even be used as giveaways.

We usually produce small sealed air PVC inflatables in quantities from 50 pieces, in all sizes and shapes. The smallest inflatables start at only 30 cm tall. For these smallest items, the minimum quantity is usually around 150 pieces.

If you order a larger quantity, the cost per unit comes down proportionally.

If you are going to an exhibition or an event, you might also like to order a large inflatable product replica for maximum impact. You can see some great examples of these in our special shape section